Three Guys Golf is a golf blog that seeks to provide a unique perspective for fellow golfers. In addition to golf an lifestyle product reviews, we write long form prose on a variety of topics and feature many golf instructional posts and videos. Three Guys Golf Blog was founded by Adam, Matt and Wade but also has regular contributing writers as well.

The Three Guys

Adam Staelin: Founder/Editor @Threeguysgolf

staelinI started playing golf seriously in 1998 when I lived in California and joined a foursome of single digit handicaps who had the standing 1st tee time every Sunday morning. Twelve years later my handicap goes between 9 and 13 depending on time of year. I founded Three Guys Golf Blog in May 2011 as a creative outlet for my passion for golf. Outside of golf, I am a bit of a serial entrepreneur working in media/advertising/video production. I live in Chapel Hill NC with my wife and three kids (none of who could care less about golf)

Matt Murley: Master proofreader/humorist @mattmurls

MurleyI’ve been playing golf for a long time, but every year brings new adventures with my game. Unlike Adam, I pay zero attention to statistics, refuse to register any playing partner’s GPS readings that get barked out from the cart, and generally shave .8 strokes off my game with each beer that goes down the gullet. If I’m not hitting it well, I don’t care about my score . . . I would hit balls at the range until I passed out if I wasn’t too cheap to pay for more buckets. And of course, the glorious ball-striking streaks I can get on at the range never seem to come to town when I’m on the course, and this is my curse. I live in Chapel Hill, NC with my wife and rug-rat, who at the tender age of 2 is already showing the familiar signs of golf obsession.

Wade Baynham: Swing guru @wade3guys

WadeI am a single-digit handicap, who learned golf in his early 20’s from my former father-in-law, a long time PGA tour and Champions tour player. I enjoy studying the golf swing and occasionally give golf lessons. I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back which has led me to simplify my swing to protect my health (much like Rocco). Have made my living for 20+ years as a professional musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. I live in Durham, NC with my wife Denise.

Three Guys Golf Contributors

Mathew Wangrycht @BBGolfBlog

MatthewI was introduced to golf when I was just a kid when my Granddad would take me along with him when he played. In return I thanked him by sneaking into the garage and hitting rocks with his clubs while he wasn’t home. As you can imagine, I never took the game of golf seriously until a few years ago when I was tired of being the only player in my group not involved in the side bets or even worse having no clue at all what I needed to do to be a better player. Besides being a contributor to Three Guys Golf, I also maintain a personal blog called The Breakfast Ball as a way for me to vent my frustrations and keep a dairy of my progress. I’m a resident of the very hot and always sunny (yeah right) desert southwest in the city of Henderson, NV where I’ve been for almost 40 years.

Steve Bream @savethebogey

Rugged golfing

It’s a hard life…

I’m the Rip Van Winkle of golf: I played as a twenty-something with persimmons, balatas, and blades. Then I fell asleep on golf for twenty years, and when I woke up there was titanium, speed pockets, and 6-layer golf balls. I don’t know if they’ve made me any better, but I’m having a great time playing with these new toys.  I’m the golfing everyman who aspires to a single-digit handicap but plays in the teens (the high teens).  I’m a geek who loves numbers and technical details, over-analyzing and over-explaining. I live in the small town of Mebane, NC with my wife and two kids, all of whom flee at the mention of golf.

I’m insanely jealous of your wife’s family. We’ve been going to Ocracoke every summer for about 20 years (we missed last year to go to the Gulf coast for a family graduation. It wasn’t the same, but I’d have loved to have time to play some of those courses).
Every year we joke about sinking the ferry in the harbor mouth and declaring an independent Republic of Ocracoke, with the government run from the Jolly Roger. Cars will be banned, golf carts will be rationed, and tourists will be charged up the wazoo to support the year-round residents. RadioFreeOcracoke will be the voice of the revolution.

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