Seemore m9 Putter

SeeMore Putter

SeeMore m9 Putter Review: If the only thing you knew about golf came from watching commercials, you would surely be convinced that the driver is by far the most important club in the bag. While the big stick may be the club that we use to hit the ball the farthest, the reality is that the driver accounts for less than half as many strokes as the putter does.

Why, then, do we gladly shell out $300 for a new driver every year or two but are content with a putter we found at Play it Again Sports? Because most mid-handicappers (me included) are morons, which is why we don’t use alignment sticks, barely maintain a pre-shot routine, and ignore the multitude of good advice we read every month in golf magazines.

One of the very few cool things about writing a blog (and I mean very few) is that you get to test out golf equipment. This spring I was given a SeeMore putter to use and I must say it has been very eye opening on a number of fronts (no need to thank me for omitting the obvious pun).

SeeMore Putter

SeeMore Putter

First a bit of history – SeeMore Putters was founded in 1998 and got a huge media bump in 1999 when Payne Stewart sank a monster putt on 18 to win the US Open. Unfortunately, we lost Payne Stewart the following year and sales of SeeMore putters lagged to the point where they almost closed up shop. Then in 2006, former Odyssey executives Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot purchased the company and SeeMore was again off to the races. Since 2006 SeeMore has grown rapidly and has found a new champion in Zach Johnson who used a SeeMore putter to win the 2007 Masters (in which he putted a mere 27 times in the final round). Currently, Zach Johnson still uses a SeeMore putter and continues to be one of the best putters on tour.

SeeMore Putter

Now back to the SeeMore m9 putter: the most unique feature of the SeeMore Putter is their RifleScope Technology, or as I call it, “hide the dot”. Simply put, if you line up the putter correctly you will not be able to see the red dot. If you can see any part of the red dot or if the shaft is not dead center between the lines you have either set up with the blade slightly open or closed. Stupid simple but really powerful if for no other reason than you feel totally locked in as you stand over your putt.

SeeMore m9 Putter

SeeMore Putter

Hide the dot and you are good to go!

My take: I have primarily putted with an Oddessey #9 putter which is why I chose the m9 seeing as it is a similar shape. The major difference for me was that with the SeeMore m9, the shaft drops in near the center of the club rather than on the heel. It took me about two rounds to get the feel for the putter, but once I got it, I started rolling the ball really well. In fact my 3rd and 4th rounds with the SeeMore putter I had only 26 and 27 putts. While I am still only 12 rounds in with it, my putts per round have declined. Yes, I know the new putter mojo is still at work but I also believe that the riflescope feature absolutly helps me to be mentally locked into the line so I can concentrate just on speed.

Technically speaking the SeeMore m9 has a head weight of 335 grams, has 2.5 degree loft and can be shipped with a custom lie between 68-74 degrees. Additionally because the hosel is an internally milled you can always have the lie adjusted. Essentially, this feature allows the putter to be bent with greater integrity, because the stud is being bent, rather than the shaft.

In terms of look, the SeeMore m9 has very clean lines and features a platinum finish over the milled stainless steel body. Sidebar: is the term “hand milled” code for bad-ass? Either way, what it means is that there are no seams or imperfections. The entire club looks perfect with even the hosel being set with precision. If your driver is the burly lumberjack in your bag, your putter is your honey. Putters need to be hot and the SeeMore m9 is a looker!

SeeMore Putter

Of course you don’t want your SeeMore putter rattling around in the bag so they provide a leather head cover that features a stitched American flag on the side – yup, it’s money!

SeeMore M9 Putter

SeeMore Putter Cover

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the customer service. SeeMore offers lifetime access to their staff of helpful folks. They also provide a number of putting drills and tips on their site. Speaking of drills, I used the Putting Alley a bunch when I got the new putter so that I could make my small adjustments to my setup. You can see my SeeMore m9 in action on our Putting Alley review.

In short I love the SeeMore m9. You can see the whole line on their website.

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Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).