Hirzl Golf Glove

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Most guys buy golf gloves like this: Hmm, XL, white, what’s on sale? Then we wonder why it goes in the trash 2 weeks later. I don’t blame you for passing over the $25 Hirzl glove if you have never worn one, but you are now on notice! They are worth the money. The short story is that the Hirzl glove is nearly indestructible. Plus it has extraordinary grip and breathability.

Hirlz Golf Glove Palm

I know you are supposed to rotate gloves, but I typically wear one glove till it wears out (it’s the Darwinian in me I think). At least this way I know how long it lasts. Hint, I find that my gloves will last much longer if I put them back in the packaging rather than just velcroing them to my bag.

Hirzl Golf Glove

So back in late October, I put my first Hirzl glove into play figuring to get about 6 weeks out of it (2-3 rounds per week). Well, it is mid-January, and I have decided, it may never die.

Hirzl Golf Glove

As I mentioned, I have played a ton of rounds in the Hirzl glove and in lots of conditions including rain. Specifically, in early November I was caught in a 4 hole down pour and while everyone was switching out gloves trying to stay dry, the Hirzl gave me no trouble and I was able to grip the club as well as when it was not wet.

Hirzl Golf Glove

As you can see the palm is made of some type of rubbery material which gives it the tackiness but surprisingly the glove is not hot to wear. To be fair, I have not played in the heart of the summer but I have played a bunch of rounds in the 70’s and did not have any problems with it getting sweaty. Again, I put the Hirzl glove back in the case after each use so it always feels great the next round.

Hirzl Golf Glove

The way I look at it, for those penny pinchers (my hand is raised), if the Hirzl glove lasts 3 times longer than the $15 version,  you are actually money ahead. Not to mention, Hirzl claims 5 times the lifetime of most gloves but no need to split hairs, this guy is bullet proof.

So the next time you reach for the bargain bin, resist and treat yourself to a Hirzl golf glove. You can learn more about Hirzl on their website.


  1. I’m definitely in the “XL, white, what’s on sale” group. And even though I keep my glove in the packaging, they never seem to last. I’ve never heard of Hirzl so I will check them out.

    • We have reviewed three golf gloves this year and I love them all. I am basically swearing off “big brand” gloves. You can find pretty good deals on the Hirzl too. I would go with your standard size-they run fair.

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  3. For the record, the palm of the Hirzl gloves is not made of rubber but instead made of kangaroo leather. Unlike Cabretta leather, which the over whelming majority of “big name” golf gloves are made of, kangaroo leather is much more wear resistant and doesn’t harden after getting wet and drying. In addition, the kangaroo leather is “tanned” with a proprietary process that makes it grip equally well in wet weather.
    If word “got out” with every golfer in the US of how good these gloves perform and last, foot-joy would be in real trouble.

    • Steve,

      Thanks for the clarification. For the record, my Hirzl glove is like my old Datson will just never die. I have so many gloves to try out but the darn thing won’t break down. Absolutly a rock solid glove.

  4. Finally! I’ve been looking for the perfect range practice glove. I can’t afford to be blowing through $15 gloves in my summer practice sessions in the sun. I think these gloves just might be the ticket!

  5. Gordon Larson says:

    I have been using Hirzl golf clubs for about 3 years now. A package of 4 gloves lasts me more than a year playing 2-3 times per week. I live in NC and during the summer my golf buddies often rotate 2-3 gloves during a round because they sweat through them. I only need 1 Hirzl and it never loses its grip. They also do well in the rain, and I purchased a right handed glove to use in foul weather.

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