Bill Clinton on Feherty

President Bill Clinton on Feherty? Seriously? David, must be pretty smitten with himself today knowing he landed just about the biggest guest in the world (no, not you Snooki). Now I know there are plenty of people who do not think very highly of Clinton, and I am not going to get into his politics, but I contend that if you held no bias, he is about the coolest cat around.

I give Feherty credit for giving Clinton enough rope to talk about the the things he cares about, namely his work in Africa and Haiti but also pressing him with a few good questions, eg “who is smarter, you or Hillary”. In the end, Clinton is flawless in his well scripted answers and charming with his delivery. He speaks of racial integration, his decision to give up his 9 music scholarships in order to pursue politics, his never ending desire to be the leader of the free world and of course golf.

While nearly every modern day president has played golf, Clinton played more than his fair share. He has played with dignitaries, PGA pros, actors and everyone in between but I guess that is one of the perks of holding the worlds most powerful office (that and getting 2 mulligans per round). While not official, Clinton is actually a pretty good golfer carrying about a 12 handicap until his recent heart problems.

Be the Right Stick Today!

One of the best questions Feherty posed to Clinton was to describe the similarities of golf, namely the front and back nine, to his two terms in office. Interestingly, Clinton pointed out that often a President’s final years in office are some of the toughest and that there was a real possibility of not finishing strong. Sound familiar? I am sure there are more than a few of us that can relate to a back nine blow-up. Still, more insightful was Clinton’s observation that politics is much like golf in that sometimes results are largely a result of luck, and that you must learn to accept the outcome regardless of how it was achieved. In other words, you take the good and keep the bad in perspective. Now that is Leader of the Free World quality advice.

So in the end, despite Feherty’s distinguished guest, David was very much himself, albeit he did seem a bit less disheveled. We have now seen Feherty interview people from nearly every corner of the celebrity world and while there are still a few rough edges, he has vastly improved his skills. Could we be witnessing the “next Barbara Walters”? Oh, the horror.

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).