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XP performance polos

This spring, as every spring in my memory, a few things have happened. In the usual rite of spring, your humble scribe has emerged from his den and seen his shadow, which has nothing to do with how much longer winter will last, except for my noticing that perhaps the layers that were making me look a little, ahem, fluffy around February were in my skin instead of in my wardrobe. So in an effort to undo all the carbs I stuffed into my face to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, I’m cleaning up my act: back in the gym, back to early morning runs, and working hard to eat cleaner.

My secret weapon: steam-in-the-bag veggies. These things are the cat’s pajamas. 5 for $5 at nearly any grocery store, and prep consists of slinging one of those bad boys into the microwave, punching the 3 minute or so button, and dumping the contents of the bag into a bowl. They work because there’s a little extra moisture in the bag, which turns to steam and cooks the hapless veggies to a succulent turn.

Bermuda Sands polos

Don’t steam your broccoli

Why is this relevant? Because it’s hot outside. I mean, it’s microwave on 3 minutes or so button hot outside. So after an unseasonably wet spring of cart path only golf at Three Guys World Headquarters & Grille, the water cycle is in full swing. The sun has returned and is evaporating the water from the sodden ground with a vengeance. In other words, your humble scribe is feeling very much like a broccoli floret, hapless and and steamed until I’m a tad wilted. What is a southerner to do? Obviously “not playing golf” is ludicrous on its face, and despite my kids’ best efforts, the great out of doors is too large to air condition. Short of stuffing my pants with ice (and I’m not ruling it out) my only remaining option is to dress for success. Fortunately for me, spring also means a deluge of new duds filling the Three Guys Mail Room, in this case, in the form of offerings for our review of Bermuda Sands Apparel.

Bermuda Sands has a three-generation legacy of quality shirt making, and they are serious about living up to it. They’re involved in every step from design to choosing thread to putting the whole package together. They don’t import someone else’s shirt and put their name on it, they actually make shirts.

With three generations in the business it would be easy to rest on their laurels, but that’s not how they roll at Bermuda Sands. Instead, they’ve taken their expertise, experience, and what I would guess is a pretty good golf game, and gone above and beyond, launching their XP line of high performance polos.

XP performance polos

It’s like a race car you can wear

Before we hop into the Ferrari though, let’s warm up with a few laps in something a little more luxurious. Bermuda Sands’ Mirage polo combines performance with classy good looks. In Bermuda Sands’ Wick Away micro fiber fabric, the heather finish feels good and looks classy. It’s quickly become my favorite polo for “business casual” occasions, and the Salmon color has become a surprise favorite change up.  A solid “moon patch” in the back of the collar and solid color detailing inside the placket add a dash of style, and the self fabric collar adds a dressy touch.

Like all of the Bermuda Sands polos in our sample, the Mirage is cut quite generously. I requested my usual medium, and I’m confident that a small would have been a bit better for my frame, particularly in light of the comfortable give in the Wick Away micro fiber. Think of the regular line like a BMW – luxury and comfort, with a performance bent.

Bermuda Sands Mirage Polo

“Regular” doesn’t mean “plain”

If the standard polo is a BMW, the XP is more of a McLaren – still comfortable, but the styling, cut, and fabric all point to performance first.

The Tide and Escape polos share the same 92% poly 8% Spandex platform, and they’re both at home when the heat and humidity head for the high end of the scale. I’ve played several rounds lately on days when the heat index was pushing triple digits, and the XP polos were more than up to teh challenge. The thread blend of these shirts actually feels cool to the touch, and they breathe well without feeling ventilated.

With a self fabric collar, the Tide skews a bit dressier. The cut allows plenty of room for freedom of movement, and the tail is long enough to stay tucked no matter how vigorous your swing. The pencil stripe pattern and bright colors make the Tide a great choice if you like to be seen on the course.

Bermuda Sands Escape polo

Because details matter

The Escape dresses up its knit collar with solid colors to accent the striped pattern of the rest of the shirt. With the same roomy cut, three button placket, and 2 inch side vents as the Tide, the Escape delivers the same quality of on-course comfort, in a striped pattern. The color choices are a bit less vibrant, but certainly far from pastel. Both of the XP polos in my sample lived up to their billing as fashionable performance wear.

Bermuda Sands’ performance isn’t limited to hot weather, either. Their Storm Cotton line adds a water-resistant finish to cotton outerwear that makes them shed water and resist wind, while keeping you warm and looking good. Having been born and raised in Charlotte, where Bermuda Sands is headquartered, the Tyvola Storm Cotton 1/4 zip pullover, named for a famous Queen City boulevard, had me at hello. The Storm Cotton finish made it easy to love during an unseasonably wet and windy spring golf trip, too. Made of 100% combed cotton and with ribbed cuffs and bottom band, the Tyvola sheds water and keeps you dry.

Bermuda Sands Tyvola pullover

Because it’s not hot all the time

My sample color is “Oatmeal”, and the overall effect is that of a dressy sweatshirt, and it’s just as comfortable as any sweatshirt you’ve tried. Interestingly, the cut of the Tyvola is significantly trimmer than any of the polos in my sample, which keeps the thicker fabric from looking bulky. The Tyvola layers well with any of Bermuda Sands’ polos, making the perfect combination for staying warm on a cool, damp morning, but not steaming like broccoli when the sun comes out.

Everything that the folks at Bermuda Sands have learned in three generations of making shirts is on display in their 2016 line, and with the dressy standard, vibrant performance XP, and weather beating Storm Cotton lines, I think it’s safe to say that Grandpa would be proud.

Visit Bermuda Sands website.

Written by Steve Bream
I'm the Rip Van Winkle of golf: I played as a twenty-something with persimmons, balatas, and blades. Then I fell asleep on golf for twenty years, and when I woke up there was titanium, speed pockets, and 6-layer golf balls. I don't know if they've made me any better, but I'm having a great time playing with these new toys.