Grenade Wedge Review

Bombtech wedge

$99 for Three Bombtech Wedges?

Seriously, when Bombtech offered to send me their new wedges I was more than a bit skeptical. I am no math major but it is hard for me to figure out how you make money on a $33 wedge that has an ounce of quality in it. I am not picking on Bombtech either, I feel the same about a burger, fries and a drink for $1.50. At some point, low pricing becomes a signal of low quality.

I will get back to the business model shortly but let’s get right to the review. First off, the looks. For many people, the looks of a wedge are really important much like they are in a putter. Like boutique putters, you can find wedge makers who are blinging out these sticks. In the case of Grenade, their wedges are fairly simple although the Bombtech logo on the back of the club is a nice touch.

Bombtech wedge

The club itself is fairly large, which for people like me whose short game is less than optimal, a bigger face is welcomed. This seemed especially true with the 60 degree wedge (a club that breeds fear in many people). Like putters, the look of a wedge needs to ooze confidence to make up for our lack of skill. For me, the larger head goes a long way in creating that confidence.

Bombtech wedge

You will also notice that Bombtech logos the butt of the grip as the shape is a perfect fit for the round green grenade. I am not sure what grip brand is used, but to me, they are the weakest part of the club. Nothing wrong with them per say, but they just feel a bit cheap (which I guess is partially to be expected). Still, it’s just a grip and I doubt any recreational golfer would ever notice.

Bombtech wedge

In terms of durability, I am very interested to see how these clubs age. Wedges tend to get banged up and are prone to rusting when made with low quality material. Unfortunately, I have only had these clubs for about a month so I can only say “so far so good”.


As I eluded to earlier, my wedge play is the weakest part of my game. Therefore, I tend to use a P-wedge around the green rather than a more lofted club, and the only time I would reach for a 60 degree is when I am in the sand. Since I was tasked with reviewing a 52, 56 and 60 degree wedge, I was forced to play shots that I am less than comfortable with. Well, a funny thing happened on my way to the opera.

Bombtech wedge

Since I am the first guy to call bullshit when reviewers talk about 300 yard drives, I am not going to pronounce my short game has become Micklesonesque. What I will say is that over the past month I have become far more comfortable hitting higher degree wedges and now regularly reach for the 60 degree Bombtech wedge when I have a nice fluffy lie. Moreover, I have gotten a number of compliments on flop shots from my regular foursome as they are fully aware of my less than stellar short game.

The fact is, like most things, it’s not the equipment it is the golfer. This is why watching Tin Cup beat a member with a rake, shovel and bat is so amusingly insightful. With that said, there is nothing wrong with wanted “good clubs”. In the case of wedges you want them to be easy to hit and make the ball spin.

Bombtech wedges check both of these boxes. How well? Well enough in my opinion. Sure, I would expect that you can find better wedges, but again this is in part a value play.

Who should buy a Bombtech Wedge?

I could say anyone, but the reality is that a solid short game is key to being a low handicap golfer, and without being an expert on wedges, it is just hard for me to believe the quality and performance of the Bombtech wedges stands up against bigger brand names. I know Sully, Bombtech owner, would disagree but I just don’t see how putting OEM heads, shafts and grips together leads to a top of the line wedge.

The good news for Bombtech is that most golfers suck (or at least carry a 10+ handicap). For all of those people (and I will throw my 8 handicap in that mix), these wedges are just fine. You will get enough spin and enough control to shoot your regular number.

Bombtech wedge

The obvious advantage is that you will save a ton of money. Apparently, lots of people agree as the first batch (1,600) wedges sold out quickly. Look, I am the first guy to be sucked into buying something because it is expensive, but Bombtech’s value proposition is darn compelling.


Are you kidding me? 99 bucks for three wedges. Most big name wedges cost $125 each. Sure, you can always pick up a used wedge for $30 but I am not sure I have seen a deal like this. The other day, I asked my Pro, who used to make clubs, how it is possible to make a wedge for $15 or $20 (I assume Bombtech wants to make money). His response was that it would be hard, given most club heads are around $12. Throw in a shaft and grip and you get the idea. Not that I necessarily care, but the obvious concern is the underlying quality of the product. What if it only lasts 1 year? Oh, wait a second, that would still be a great deal. Basically, any way you cut it, $99 for 3 wedges that don’t suck is a great deal. To the extent they are legit clubs then it only becomes a better deal.

Bombtech wedge

Bottom line:

Bombtech is a legit company. No, it is not better than Taylormade or Callaway or any other multibillion dollar company with a full R&D staff, but that does not mean they don’t make decent products. In fact, I fully expect to keep the Bombtech wedges in my bag for quite some time. My guess is that at some point, these wedges will go up in price, so for now, I would say if you need some new wedges, jump on this deal. Worst case you waste 99 bucks. Best case you love them and you can pocket the savings.

Get your Bombtech wedge on their website.

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).