If golf was as easy as riding a bike

Imagine if every day you backed out of the driveway with the full understanding that there was a decent chance you would plow through the hedge or mailbox?  Would you quit driving your car or practice more?  Chances are you would start taking the bus. Why is golf any different?  Why do we believe after shooting an 80 we will never ever ever honk a drive into the woods or chili-dip a wedge?  Seriously, how can we possibly shoot an 80 one day and then jack a 98 two weeks later?

If riding a bike were more like golf

If only golf were like riding a bike, learn once and you are good for life.  On the other hand, maybe this is why we are so obsessed with the game.  Maybe it is the constant heart-break sprinkled with flashes of brilliance that keeps us coming back for more.  Why else would we spend so much money, frustration and time away from the family?  Wait, maybe I am on to something with that last point..

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).