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MacWet Golf Glove

Earlier this year we reviewed the MacWet rain gloves and realized our only question was: “why does anyone NOT have a pair”. However, our testing was limited to rain and cold so now that we are in the middle of a humid summer we wanted to see how they did in terms of dealing with slippery sweaty hands.

We actually never planned on this review but one day when I was in the middle of a round in which the humidity was crazy high, I decided to break out the MacWet gloves to see if they would help with my grip. As you know, leather golf gloves can become very slick after just a few holes if you tend to sweat a lot.

MacWet Golf Glove

Now, I am here to tell you– as much as I liked these gloves in the winter/early spring, I am stunned with how much I like MacWet for summer golf. First off, the more I sweat, the better they performed – the grip just get better with more sweat. Not only was the grip rock solid, but they were actually bone dry after 18 holes.

Here’s the kicker– they are machine washable, so I can either rinse them out in the sink, or toss them in the washer at the end of the round so they look brand new and ready to go. Both of the pictures are of my gloves that I have worn for about 20 rounds.

The bonus, of course, is that if it actually does rain you will not think twice about grabbing any club in your bag and giving it a full rip. NOTE: although they come in pairs I typically just wear one in the summer but two when it is raining. They also come in a couple of different variations so you can get a pair that has a mesh back which breaths well.

MacWet after many uses

As for durability, I find that I am gripping the club the lightest I have ever gripped it during summer weather which means that my MacWet gloves are lasting longer than any other gloves I’ve used, period.  So, if you’re willing to take a look on Amazon, or Amazon UK, and get a product that the Scots (true masters of foul weather golf) are already all over, you will not be sorry!

More information about MacWet can be found on their website.

Written by Wade Baynham
Single-digit handicap, who learned golf in his early 20′s from my former father-in-law, a long time PGA tour and Champions tour player. I enjoy studying the golf swing and occasionally give golf lessons.