Tiger Woods Wins Bay Hill-Three Guys are Jacked!

Tiger Woods wins Bay Hill:  Ok, we are self professed Tiger fans here at Three Guys Golf Blog. Despite a busy day, Matt and I were able to catch much of the final round at Bay Hill where Tiger Woods won Arnie’s trophy for the 812th time. Rather than give you the play by play, below is the text exchange that took place between 2pm and 10pm. We pick it up at the 1st hole where Tiger has 10 foot birdie putt and McDowell 14 foot par putt after a bad sand shot.

Matt: “Is McDowell trying to ice Tiger’s birdie putt?” 

  Adam: “Don’t worry Tiger is gonna crush him despite his ugly ass loafers. Is it too much to ask for Tiger to at least wear his black shoes?”

Matt:  “did Tiger 3 putt or something?” (Matt apparently stepped out of the room on the third hole)

  Adam: “yup, he looked timid”

Matt: “They gotta stop acting like this is McDowell vs Tiger, there are like 8 dudes that could get involved”

  Adam: “I love this sh&^, but it makes me have to go outside every commercial to swing the club”

Matt: ” Ok I guess it is just match play – these other guys are hehrting”

Matt: “Tiger’s back – smiling and in control”

Matt: “I think Miller has a thing for Arnie” (ok, I did a little editing here)

  Adam: “How long before Ernie throws his putter in the drink?”

Matt: “Is Arnie like Ted Turner rich from the Golf Channel?”

  Adam: “yup, except he also has Penzoil money  too”

Matt: “At my inlaws, basketball preventing channel hopping, I am getting violated . . . is Tiger just cruising?”

  Adam: “it’s over…”

Matt: “Suck it!”

Adam: “My Post on Tiger’s shoes is getting a ton of hits…how whacked is that”

Matt: “Was that a humblebrag? Yeah even my father-in-law was like “what’s the deal with those shoes?”, and that’s coming from a guy who wears birkenstocks”

Matt: “Just tell me that after Tiger wins two more majors you will repost my On the Record Post.  The non-believers will repent!”

Matt: “Dude I just watched DVR of the little smile/pump-up he had before his putt on 18 when he realized what he did – I felt like I was watching my son graduate from Harvard”

  Adam: “I am so jacked. Can’t wait to see him crush the field again”

Matt: “He didn’t just win that tournament like other dudes do, he owned that F’er.  Stingers, fades, draws. He’s a golf machine”

Matt: “Brandell Dorklee had the best comment yesterday morning – when you watch all 18 holes he plays, like we do because of television coverage, it looks like he’s not dialed in cuz a lot of his irons are like 20 – 30 feet from the pin, but he is the only guy since Jack Nicklaus who understands the game well enough to plan his round and put the game plan before his ego – he wants to hit those shots there.”

Well that’s it folks. Inside the mind of the true Tiger dorks! We hope to be writing a lot more about El Tigre in the near future (that means the Masters).


Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).