10 Questions with Iliac’s Bert LaMar

Bert LaMar, founder of Iliac Golf, is one of the more unconventional designers and unique individuals you will ever meet. From his roots in skateboarding, Bert has always followed his passions whether it be in an empty pool, snow covered mountain or plush fairway.

Having recently written a review of Iliac Golf apparel, I followed up with Bert to get his thoughts on a few lingering questions I had – I call it 10 Questions with Bert LaMar

Adam: On your website you have a section called “Bert’s Workshop” The term workshop is not usually associated with apparel so what’s the story behind the name?

Bert: I consider my design work to be very technical, demanding, creative, frustrating, fun and passionate so Workshop seems to fit.

Adam: Contrasting collars and pockets have alway been a big part of the design, where did that idea come from?
Bert: I love the subtle details and think it is a great way to throw in accent detail without being overstated.
iliac golf apparel

Adam: Most people know you were a world class skateboarder and snowboarder but you also took a shot at golf. As a professional athlete did you think it would be easier to become a pro golfer than it turned out to be?

Bert: Fuck yea. It looks so easy, right. Just control the ball and your emotions. Seriously, I have so much respect for the top players and how devoted they are to honing their craft. Impressive. I’m still working as hard as most of my pros on getting better each day. It takes a team. Mo, Janet, Gino and Dana Dahlquist are my team. Can’t wait to win a tour event at my age.

Adam: Being a high end brand whose target market is exclusive clubs, do you find it difficult to break into what is typically a very conservative clientele?

Bert: Never think about that. I just make products I like and think my customers will like.

Adam: You have had some big names wear Iliac as well as many guys at the web.com and developmental level. What goes into deciding who you sponsor?

 Bert: I get to know them well. There are plenty of great golfers but only so many great people. Pros, bros. We have to connect.

Adam: I know you spend lots of time with players. Is there anything that you have learned from them in terms of design or functionality.

 Bert: Ha! Are you kidding? The demands a touring pro puts on apparel and accessories is like a test lab on steroids! If I can make it work for a tour pro it can work for anyone.

Adam: If you could choose one guy on the PGA Tour to wear Iliac, who would it be?

 Bert: You will soon see. Maybe Ben Hogan.

Adam: I am personally a huge believer in a quality collar as I think it can make or break a shirt. I sense you also share that belief. Why do you think collars are so important and why do some many brands just take a shortcut on this part of the shirt?

Bert: Because they are stupid.

iliac golf apparel

Adam: With so many fabric options available how do you go about selecting fabric and what make a “good poly”?

Bert: I create and source all my own fibers with mills from the ground up.

Adam: You recently came out with some life style pieces including a pair of jeans. Do you see Iliac becoming more than a golf apparel company?

Bert: I love the lifestyle side for after grinding. I’m launching a sick shoe line and ladies as well.

You can read and learn more about Bert Lamar and Iliac Golf on Iliac Golf.

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).