2012 PGA Show Recap

2012 PGA Show:  Having just returned from my first visit to the 2012 PGA Show I am feeling a bit punch drunk. Much like a kid in a candy store, the PGA Show had so many sweets it was easy to go overboard and end up with a sugar high. So without further adieu, lets get to some of the highlights.

PGA Show Driving Range

PGA Show Driving Range

Equipment:  Yes, all of the big boys had a huge presence at the show but for me it was a great time to learn more about some of the boutique companies. In the putter and wedge niche, I was able check out Edel, Piretti and T.P. Mills putters which are simply stunning (I only wish I had taken pictures). Newer on the scene but also impressive is a line of putters from former player Chris Carnahan who makes both wedges and putters for Carnahan Golf.  Finally, in the putter and wedge area, we visited with Rife putters and Renegar Golf, both of which I really like and look forward to taking out on the course.

While I did not make the demo day, I did get to spend some time with Stephen Boccieri of Boccieri Golf who explained his weighted club design. In short, his clubs, or separately sold grips, are weighted at the butt end to promote greater lag and hence better club speed.

Golf Shoes:  Since Ecco came out with their Fred Couples street shoes, everyone seems to be jumping on the band-wagon. While Ecco is not about to go away, new mid-sized companies will give them a challenge. For example Kikkor added about 4 more lines to their portfolio including, wait for it, a high top. TRUE Linkswear is simply exploding with new styles and even Crocs is jumping into the market. However, the most minimalist shoe I found was Barefoot BERBS which are as close to no shoes as you can get. While each brand has a unique style, consistent among them is a lower profile, closer to the ground feel. Stay tuned as we will be putting these shoes to our 18 hole test in the coming months.


Even Crocs is getting into the golf shoe game

Golf  Apparel: Although am no fashion expert, it seems like the Europeans are having an impact on the fashion industry. Bright colors were everywhere – this was no more evident than at the LoudMouth booth where everyone was decked out in the zany attire.

LoudMouth Golf

LoudMouth Golf PGA Booth

While not quite as colorful as LoudMouth, Ian Poulter’s collection is just as unique as you would expect from the man who seems to always be ahead of the fashion curve. As an added bonus Ian made an appearance at the booth and I can honestly say he is a super nice guy.

Ian Poulter

Ian stops by to sign a few autographs

Speaking of super nice, let me just say that just about everyone at the show was awesome, but a quick shout out to some of the folks were were particularly welcoming to Three Guys Golf Blog:

Kikkor:  Hosted an awesome night golf event.

Sligo:  Great clothing selection plus they had Brian Gay stop in for a while.

Abacus:  A Scandinavian company who will be outfitting the Euros this year.

Cross Golf USA:  Great outerwear and clothing.

Tattoo Golf:  We have already done a product review for Tattoo so it was cool to meet Bill and Greg in person.

Arnie Wear:  Can’t wait for this new line of clothes that was literally designed using real items from Arnold Palmer’s closet.

Other Stuff I liked: There was so much great stuff and hopefully we will get a chance to review much of it in greater detail, but for now this is a quick list of items that caught my attention.

Asher Golf:  Makers of creative golf gloves and part owned by the #2 long distance driver in the world Ben Tua’one.  I was lucky enough to play 9 holes of night golf with Ben and suffice it to say we used all of his drives in the captains choice except when he hit it too far and it went into a lake we did not see 325 yards out.

Jan Craig:  Wonderfully hand made head-covers.

59 Belts:  In the top 3 coolest belts I have ever seen.

Pro Mental Coach:  Computer brain training for us mental disasters. Look for a review in a couple of months when I finish my training.

Jones Bag:  Throw back to the simple days of golf when bags did not have 36 zippered pouches.

Kentwool Socks:  Saved my feet on Saturday.

Optishot:  Affordable indoor golf simulator.

Flavor Flav:  Yes, Flavor Flav was in the house with the Back 9 channel. No idea why but Matt is such a huge fan that I got him a signed hat.


Flavor Flav shouts out to Matt!



Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).