Asher Golf Glove

Asher Golf Glove

Asher Golf Glove Review: You know how when some products are released you can’t help but think “how in the world did it take 50 years to figure this out?”. For example, the upside down ketchup bottle – seriously, how many rocket scientists did it take to solve that palm slapping nightmare?

I guess you could say the Asher Golf glove is the upside down ketchup bottle of golf gloves. Now I know there are some golf gloves out there that finally come in more than one color, but no one has gone where Asher has with its “Death Grip” glove, it’s “One” glove, and crowd favorite, the “Birdie” glove.

Asher Golf Glove

I was fortunate enough to actually play golf with Asher Golf founders James Roundy and Ben Tua’one. James is your run of the mill happy go-lucky 18 handicapper. Ben on the other hand, while very funny, is most noted for the fact he can hit a golf ball over 400 yards. Yeah, he is that freak of nature who makes his home on the Long Drive Tour. Every so often you just stumble into a situation that is so absurd you immediately find yourself texting all of your friends just to make sure you have proof it actually happened. For me it was playing night golf (and all that goes with that) with a guy who only owns metal spikes, has a 60″ driver and has no concept of the words “swing easy”.

Ok, its clear I am biased in that I think these guys are super cool but I also think they are on to something . . . but in the spirit of Three Guys Reviews, lets roll up our sleeves and see what is under the hood.

Asher Gloves

“Death Grip”, “Birdie” or “One” – a glove for every occasion.

From a function standpoint, the Death Grip is sure to bring out the head-bangers, the Birdie glove is perfect for the golfer who is apt to start cussing the ball as soon as it comes off the club, and the One glove for when your foursome includes Ziggy Marley or anyone in the Melody Makers.

Lest you think that this is all a gimmick, the gloves are really well made, and rate well in terms of durability. Most gloves come in two versions, the Original and the Cooltech. The Cooltech has breathable mesh in low contact areas but extra leather on the palm where you have more friction. The Original version has some lycra-type material but is primarily Cabretta leather. The only knock on the Cabretta version is that it seems to wear just a bit faster since it does not have the reinforced palm like the Cooltech version. With that said, we have found both versions to hold up quite well over extended play.

Asher Golf Glove

Hello ball-prepared to be crushed!

Specifically, I have been using the “Death Grip” for over 15 rounds and too many wasted buckets of balls to count and have only seen limited signs of wear. This is way more than a fun glove, it is really comfortable and really durable.

So when you are ready to retire your crinkled up boring white glove head on over to Asher Golf. You can also find more images of the Asher Golf Glove on our Facebook Gallery.


Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).