Be the Ball Danny

Yes, I know we have all quoted this famous line about a million times, but Ty Webb was on to something.  For me, I rediscovered its value about 3 weeks ago.  This spring, I had been working really hard on improving the mechanics of my swing.  You know, reading tons of magazines, watching YouTube videos and generally obsessing.  Fortunately, it was paying off and I felt like I was getting better.  From May to June I went from shooting mid to high 80’s to low 80’s.  Then in early June, just one day prior to a tournament, I played 12 of the worst holes I had played since February.  I was beside myself and was clueless as to how to fix my swing.  It was on the 13th hole where I decided I was going to finish the round just trying “to make solid contact”.

First a note on “making solid contact”:  I once heard a pro say that all he thought about while standing over the ball was “make solid contact”.  While I neither believe anything a pro says nor think that it has any relation to our game (look for a future blog post on this subject), it did make me think.

Just think about making solid contact and you too can “be the ball”

Back to the story, I finished the last 6 holes 2 over and was just blown away by how natural my swing felt.  Since that 6 hole stretch, I have blocked out any swing thoughts other than “make good contact”. Well, to be fair, I do think about a light grip, but that is not really a swing thought.  In other words,  “Be the Ball”.

I am not sure if this theory works without having a decent swing to begin with, but I believe that over thinking your swing can result in a downward spiral of confusion.  On the other hand, take the act throwing a baseball.   Have you ever thought about the mechanics of throwing a baseball?  Of course not, but anybody with just an ounce of coordination can just pick up a ball and throw it without thinking about mechanics.   While you many not hit the strike zone every time, you are likely not to throw it sideways.  I mean can you imagine throwing it sideways?  Umm,  paging Mr. John Wall.  The point is, if you over analyze, the task sometimes gets a whole lot harder.

So if you get bogged down with swing thoughts on the course, give it a try.  Just think about making solid contact and “be the ball Danny”

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).