Sun Mountain SV1 Speed Cart

Sun Mountain SV1 push cart

I am a long-time fan of Sun Mountain push-carts and for the past three years I have used the Sun Mountain V2, which for some reason never took off like the original V1. To set the stage, I play about 2-3 times a week and walk about 80% of those rounds, so having a super solid premium push-cart is must-have. As I mentioned, I am very familiar with the Sun Mountain push carts but the new SV1 Speed Cart has made a number of changes which have really improved an already solid offering. Most notably these include:

Sun Mountain SV1

Non-inflatable tires: This was the biggest change for me. While I think it is slightly harder to push than the inflatable tires version (only very slightly), the advantage of not having to replace air, or the whole tire, makes it well worth it. At this point, I think it has been clearly determined that the non-inflatable solution is superior and I would expect all push-carts to ultimately implement them as standard.

Sun Mountain SV1 wheel

Improved storage: The Sun Mountain  SV1 Speed Cart has 3 separate compartments on top which helps keep your items secure. The center area easily holds a cell phone or GPS while the two side compartments are a perfect fit a sleeve of balls, sun glasses or package of crackers. Underneath the storage is a retractable score-card holder which works well although I tend to keep my card in my back pocket. Additionally, they have made the net basket a standard feature. To me this is a huge improvement over the V1 as I use it all of the time for tossing items I want to keep handy (like a jacket).

Sun Mountain SV1 push cart

Locking Break System: Another big change for the SV1 is a move to a fixed brake-locking system. Specifically, when you lock the brake, a pin is pushed through a gear in the wheel such that it will not budge. This is different than prior models where the break was akin to the brakes on a bicycle. The only downside to the locking system is that you cannot use the brake to slow the cart down while walking down a hill. Oh, and for some reason they have reversed the up and down sequence for locking so it took me about three weeks to get used to remembering which direction was locked.

Sun Mountain SV1 wheel lock

Size and foldablity: The size of the SV1 is basically the same as past models but the folding system is improved with two levers that lock the front wheel and main sections into place. Opening and closing is done in about 30 seconds. While not a sub-compact unit, it is small enough to fit in most small cars. I personally put it in the back of a Honda Fit.

Sun Mountain SV1 Folded

Style: Sure, it is kind of goofy to ogle over a push cart like it was a sports car, but seriously, the Sun Mountain SV1 is just about the coolest cart I have seen. Personally, I have the gold version but it comes in six colors. First off the paint job is crazy cool. The paint literaly sparkles and even the rims are gold. In the first few rounds I used it, I had a bunch of guys comment on the rims and style.

Sun Mountain SV1

Usability: Two areas that did not change but need mentioning because they work so well are the bag storage and handle adjustment. Unlike some push carts, there is no need to strap your bag in. Simply adjusting the width of the bag holders allow the bag to sit securly onto the cart. Additionally, the handle can easily be raised or lowered to the desired height. This is a huge benifit for those people who are either taller or shorter than average.

Locking system on Sun Mountain SV1 push cart

Bottom line: If you are a regular push-cart user, you have zero excuse to not have a top of the line push-cart. In my mind there are only two, maybe three, brands that meet the requirements, and Sun Mountain is certainly one of them.

Sun Mountain SV1

One Suggestion: My only suggestion for Sun Mountain is to increase the space between the front wheel and its axle. On the occasion that you push the cart through fairways that have been recently mowed and the grass is wet, the clipping tend to get caught up in the relatively small gap. If that space was increased just a bit this problem would be solved.

Sun Mountain SV1 push cart

Overall I love the Sun Mountain S1V Speed Cart and highly recommend it. You can see all of the Sun Mountain carts on their website.

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).