Sundog Eyewear

Sundog eyewear

Sundog Eyewear: So there I was…Wollaston Country Club, Milton MA, 1st tee with my two buddies, Rob and Martin. Temperature: 95 degrees, relative humidity: ask the devil since he seemed to running the show. First order of business, after making friends with the cart girl, was to set the odds to give myself a fighting chance against these two hustlers. Truth be told, l’m an index of 12 of 13…well I’m a 9-10, but I want one stroke per nine. Sandbagger? Sure, but heck I have a big money round next week against Karl and he feigns back pain – all fair in love and golf right? What’s that? Where did I get these shades?

Sundog eyewear

So yea, the shades, they call them Sundogs. Groovy name, cool style, great lens and reasonably priced-we call that the whole ball of wax. Speaking of balls, how bout that big ball in the sky bearing down on me all day. Lucky these puppies are full coverage wrap around (Louis Oosthuizen style). Lens, yup, they have those too but no ordinary lens. Nope, the Sundogs have what is called a Mela-Lens. This patented technology is really what makes these guys rock. See, Sundog created these lenses to filter the harmful rays and make everything crystal clear.

Sundog Pursuit Eyewear

Now you might ask, “Hey Skip, you said it was hot, but how freakin’ humid was it?” Well, Danny, it was damn near unbearable and for a while there we nearly had to call in the EMT’s to head off Martin’s heat stroke. As for me, sure I looked cool, but my brain was turning to mush by the 13th hole. Fortunately, the Sundogs were staving off the glare and refused to fog up despite the sauna like conditions.

Head down, thirteen foot putt…(that’s for dramatic tension)…sweat rolls off my forehead onto the lens and onto my ball…mind you no streak on the lens. I was able to finish for an 8, but that’s not important…Sundogs can bark for you when its hot and there’s meat on the bone…although gambling is illegal at Bushwood.

Check out the whole line of Sundog on their website.

Written by Skip