Bill Russell on Feherty

Bill Russell

Feherty interview with Bill Russell:  One of the smartest things Feherty decided to do was not limit his show strictly to golf personalities. To that end, Monday night Feherty sat down with basketball legend Bill Russell.

Before I get into the interview I have one small nitpick about the show. For some reason David and his producer have never quite figured out how to always make the camera cut seamless when he is alone talking in his office. Instead it is the only time in which Feherty feels awkward and forced. Small issue but I am surprised they have not gotten it right.

As we open up with the interview two things jump out. 1) holy cow Bill Russell is tall and 2) Bill Russell has perhaps the best laugh ever. Some people seem to just get the whole package, I mean it’s bad enough that George Clooney is good looking and is a great actor, but does he also have to be cool guy to boot?

Back to the interview – we get to see Bill beat David in a chipping contest to which Feherty tells Russell – “F$%*  You!” (don’t hear that too often from a host). We learn Bill was cut from the JV basketball team (who are these guys who cut Jordan and Russell?).  In terms of golf, Bill relates that he got down to a 7 handicap but admits that it is a double edged sword when you become good enough that even small errors will result in a disappointing round. A point that should not be lost on any of us searching for a single digit handi and a warning to keep “fun” in the equation.

Bill Russell

Russell also recalls a time in which he played a round of golf with Michael Jordan. Think on that for a moment..there are just some rounds of golf I would kill to be a single. As they say, hearing Russell chide Jordan about the fact he will never break his records -Priceless.

As we learn more about Bill’s life it hits me how different of a world a man only 30 years my senior grew up in. To me, this just makes his accomplishments that more impressive. While men like Russell become legends for what they do on the court, it is the Medal of Freedom that he is ultimately most proud of (actually 2nd to hearing his father tell him how proud he was) – exactly the reason he is such a dignitary of men.

Thankfully, Feherty gives us a full hour of material so I will not give it all away – find it, DVR it, watch it! Note to Golf Channel-lock down Feherty’s contract before NBC swoops him up.

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).