Golf Bag Essentials 2013

Playkleen Towel

It’s that time of year again. Another Masters is in the record books which means it is time to clean out the bag, polish the clubs and get ready for the new season. This year we have a fresh batch of goodies perfect for making your rounds more enjoyable and assuring that you will not come to play ill-prepared. Below is a list of must haves to put in your golf bag.

PlayKleen Golf Towel:

Lets start with a fresh golf towel. This years pick is PlayKleen golf towels. These towels are super absorbent and feature what is called FlexTEK technology. I have no idea what that means, but I do know that they work great. The one thing I really noticed about the PlayKleen towel is they feel much lighter than others. With that said, they will absorb a ton of water so you can wet one side without it dripping all over your bag. That way you can properly clean your clubs after taking a nasty divot. See the PlayKleen website.

Playkleen Towel

Photoball Marker:

If you are still using a penny or the marker on your golf glove, it is time to step up your game. A ball marker is a great way to show a little personality and have some fun. We recently discovered Photo Ball Markers . . . the process is stupid simple. Just upload a photograph or logo and, boom!, you have your very own custom ball marker. We went for a logo, but feel free to add a picture of your sweetheart if you are of the romantic nature. Visit the Photo Ball Marker website.

Photo Ball MarkerApplachian Leather Works yardage / scorecard book

What is one thing that every pro on tour has but barely any other golfer has (besides a super model girlfriend)? That’s right, a badass yardage book. I have long been on a hunt for a cool yardage book but the only ones in the stores are super cheesy. Recently, I found these guys who make yardage books by hand with a variety of leathers and colored stitching. With tons of options, you can create your one of a kind yardage book that will be sure to garner lots of oohs and ahhs. No yardage book, no problem, just pop in a scorecard. Visit the Appalachian Leather website.

Applachian Leather Yardage Book

Real Steak Jerky:

Speaking of prepared, who amongst us has not got the case of the munchies while on the third hole? Fear not, put some Real Steak Jerky in your bag and never be left wanting. Honestly, this is the best jerky I have ever had. These guys sent us a bunch and it may have been the only time the three bloggers came to blows over who would get to keep the most. The stuff rules . . . P.S., they make Turkey Jerky too! See the Real Steak Jerky website

Real Steak Jerky


Now that spring is in full swing, we all know you need to stay hydrated (especially during the heat of the summer). I am one of those folks who enjoys a little flavor with my water but most of the sports drinks have tons of sugar. NUUN makes these really cool tablets you can drop into a jug of water that have all kinds of electrolytes and such. Basically all the good stuff without the sugar. Plus, you can just throw a box of them in your bag so you are always prepared. See the NUUN Website


Tritan Series of Tumblers

Ahh, the tumbler. That little wonder cup that keep cold drinks cold! Forget about refilling that plastic bottle, these little guys are much better and as we all know “everything is better with a logo”. Whether you bring your “cup of joe to the course” or a “little nip”, the Tritan Series of Tumbler is perfect for your beverage of choice. Plus they will fit perfectly in the golf cart cup holder. You can see all of the option for Tritan Series of Tumblers on their website. NOTE: These are for retail sale only with 24 piece minimum. For order info contact

Tritan Tumbler

Champ Spikes and Fly Tees

I always carry extra cleats in my bag just in case one pops out or I realize they have been whittled down to nubs. For me, Champs are far and away the best cleat around. They are made to fit just about any shoe and are quite durable. As for the tees, I used to go through boatloads of wooden tees believing that plastic tees were for old men. So either I was wrong or I am in fact an old man because I now swear by them. I now only use one or two per round. Be warned though, not all plastic tees are made the same. The two reasons I prefer the Champ Fly Tees are 1) they last and 2) it is easy to put your ball on them (something not all plastic tees have in common). Champ spikes and tees can be found on their website.

Champ Fly Tees

Bonus: Ecco white belt

No, it has nothing to do with your golf bag, but everyone should have a cool white belt. I don’t care how many people say you have to be under 30 to wear one, I think they makes nearly every outfit look just a little sharper. The new Ecco belt is understated but classy. Pick one up and be a player. Ecco belts can be seen on their website. 

Ecco White Belt

That’s the 2013 list. Good luck and have a great season

Written by Adam Staelin
Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products for the discerning golfer. I play about a 100 rounds a year (but don't tell my boss).