Golf Boys Video: Oh Oh Oh – This Blows:

Golf Boys Video featuring Bubba Watson, Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan: Ugh, I’m so disappointed.  For a second I thought we might have a breakthrough on the “professional golfers are boring as all hell” front, as my Yahoo! homescreen touted this video as comedy gold.  Ben Crane (who has had some funny videos in the past), Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, and Hunter Mahan letting their guard down and showing the world they can be wackos too . . . sign me up (minus the Bubba chest hair) for the Golf Boys Video.  Then I watched it.

NKOTB parody? Nope. Super Bowl Shuffle peer? Nope. Meaningless blubbering train-wreck? Si senor.

Whoever is behind the Golf Boys Video gem seemed to forget that you actually need some funny stuff to go down in order to make a funny video. Maybe even more than one verse.  And no matter what, how about a slight hint at what the freaking joke IS anyway?!?!  Did I miss something?

I won’t hold the golfers responsible, as they are clearly just pawns in the game.  So whoever it is I’m directing this towards – you must realize that the sports-mixed with-entertainment concept has actually become pretty evolved over the last decade or two.   I think I was still soiling my mattress fortnightly when Bob Uecker was yelling “down in front!”, and things have only gotten better from there.  We’ve had characters like Shaq, Terry Tate, Peyton Manning . . . shoot, even the comedically overrated Peter Jacobsen could beat this video in a “look at me I’m the life of the Tour” contest.

Peter JacobsonCheck this out guys, Bob Hope taught me this one. Guys?

Ultimately I just want to point out to the guys on Tour that dressing funny and being a professional athlete is not a magical Reese’s recipe for comedy on its own . . . you still need some actual comedy.  Unfortunately, I am smackface reminded that the world of professional golf is so far behind in the coolness column that they thought this spazzfest was cutting edge.  I digress – I could critique this video for days, but of course that would become tiresome for all.  Instead, how about just one small example of sports/comedy gold (sadly . . . suck it, golf!):

Peyton Manning – currently tied with Kevin Garnett for most naturally talented comedic actor-athlete, according to THIS GUY. 


Written by Matt Murley
I’ve been playing golf for a long time, but every year brings new adventures with my game. I pay zero attention to statistics, refuse to register any playing partner’s GPS readings that get barked out from the cart, and generally shave .8 strokes off my game with each beer that goes down the gullet.